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ETS 2 – Skoda MPT v9.0 – 1.50

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Mod Açıklaması:
– Fixed and fully adapted to version 1.50. Everything works properly.
– New body-coloured sport spoiler as an accessory.
– Arrangement textured shark fin antenna body color.
– Different types of exhaust pipes for optional dual exhaust outlets.
– Head-up Display fixed for version 1.50 and added a second optional Head-up Display.
– Tablet and Mobile in separate locations. For both Continental and UK versions.
– Added real warning sounds (complete acoustic warning system). Changed low air pressure sound. Arrangement of other sounds.

Fully animated (added animations in interior and exterior windows, gear lever, windows buttons, gps, accelerator, brake and clutch pedals, low air pressure)
Multiple cabin accessory brackets. Wide variety of objects.
Two on-board computers, one for the standard version and one for the exclusive version. Both computers have all the functions that allows the support of the game
Four different types of gps (continental standard, continental exclusive, uk standard and uk exclusive). Individualized rear camera approaches. New screens for both uk versions
Each gps has different screens that faithfully reproduce the gps of real superb skodas. The same realism applies to the succession of different screens.
Head-Up Display as an accessory for all versions. The hologram recreates the HUD of the latest real versions of the skoda superb
Rear view camera combined with 360 camera and front night vision camera as new accessories (for all versions).
Two types of dashboard lights (standard and exclusive)
Realistic specifications (weight, consumption, air pressure, battery voltage…)
Realistic skoda logo (steering wheel, exterior and wheel caps)
Skoda badges at the rear of the vehicle
Added 2.0 TSI 200 hp and 2.0 TSI 280 hp engines with its own sound. Fully realistic engines in terms of performance and consumption
Adapted the weight of the caravan to keep it from trembling at high speeds
Blind spot warning on the on-board computer screen. On both sides. Fixed specifically for the UK versión. For this arrangement I created a third on-board computer for the UK standard version
Two differentiated chassis: Front Wheel Drive and All-Wheel Drive. Each chassis with the three versions of 66, 200 and 400 litres fuel tank.
Improved physics. Changes in the definitions of chassis, engines and consumption. Stability at high speeds and in curves. More realistic driving.
Less marked interior reflections on windshields and front windows.

Exterior Accessories:
Double exhaust outlet (4 tubes) and five Different Types of Exhaust Pipes.
Two different types of rear spoilers
Four types of antennas. All reproduce real skoda superb antennas
Aluminum roof bars
Taxi badge
Added textures of spotlights for high beams
Optional rain tires

Fixed all errors and warnings. Totally clean gamelog
It works smoothly on any type of computer


MPTruckers, Edsor

MPTruckers, Edsor

İndirme Linki: Download mod

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