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ETS 2 – Mercedes Benz Travego 15 SHD Euro 6 Konfor Turizm Skinpack v2.0

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Mod Açıklaması:

Heavy Vehicles Turkey modlarından biri olan Mercedes Benz Travego 15 SHD 2+1 2023 model Konfor Turizm Kurumsal Kaplamaları ile beraberim. Custom Template 1,2,3,4’de çıkar. Siz de Konfor Turizm ailesine katılarak Sanal Otobüs Şöförlüğü yapabilirsiniz. Hepsi ve daha fazlası için…


I am with the Mercedes Benz Travego 15 SHD 2+1 2023 model Konfor Turizm Corporate Coatings, one of the Heavy Vehicles Turkey mods. Custom Template is released in 1,2,3,4. You can also join the Konfor Turizm family and become a Virtual Bus Driver. For all this and more…

Project Owner: Heavy Vehicles Turkey (HVT)
Model: Yağız Bakırcı
Edit and Convert: Harun Aras (KskLi1453)
Additional 3D Models: İsmail Arslan
Coatings: Emin Doğuş Güraksın, Berk Shirtless
Skin: ArrapReklam
Dashboard: Trzpro
Voice: Kriechbaum, Max2712, Furkan Basaran


İndirme Linki: Download mod

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